To our Heroes, THANK YOU!

Thanks for everything! For your courage, commitment and devotion! 

Without you, we would never have made it and that is why we want to thank you! 

Youth Hostels Offer Free Overnight Stay to Frontline Workers Fighting Covid-19

To the people who have been on the front line, we want to make a gesture to thank you for all your efforts and courage!

>> You will be able to enjoy a free night's accommodation (including a sustainable breakfast) throughout the summer season (until 30 September) in all 10 of the network's hostels. 

This free night is equivalent to a free room if you are alone or a 15€ reduction on the room price if you are several.

After the effort, the comfort

After long months of exhausting work, you deserve to rest and get away from it all! Whether in the city or in the countryside, you can come and discover or rediscover one of the beautiful regions we have in Belgium. And there's no shortage of beautiful places!

What are the conditions?

1/ You're one of the front line workers who worked during the Covid-19 crisis.

We would like to thank:

  • Those who have fought the disease: All hospital personnel
  • Those who took care of our loved ones: All the staff of nursing homes and day care centers.
  • Those who kept us safe: Police, fire and ambulance personnel
  • The ones that kept us supplied: The staff of the convenience stores and delivery men...
  • Those who got us there: Transportation personnel 
  • Those who have kept our cities clean: The garbage collectors and cleaners...

If you are not on this list but were on the front line, please ask the hostel directly if you are eligible. 

2/ You work in Belgium

Anyone who has worked on the front line in Belgium, whether of Belgian or foreign nationality, is concerned. 

How do I apply for the free night?

Contact the Hostel

To book your overnight stay, contact the Youth Hostel of your choice directly, by email or by phone. 

You can check the availability of our rooms online directly on our website. 

Thank you for mentioning : 

  • Your contact details
  • Your profession
  • The desired dates
  • The number of people accompanying you 

Attention: Please note that only your overnight stay is offered (breakfast included) and not those of your companions. 

How do you prove your profession?

Please provide some proof that you worked well for this service during the Covid-19 period. 

Availability of our hostels

This action is valid subject to availability until 30 September 2020. 

Please note: 

  • Malmedy Youth Hostel has no availability from 1 July to 15 August.
  • Jacques Brel Youth Hostel (Brussels) has no availability until 15 August.

You can check the availability of our rooms online directly on our website. 

See you soon and again THANK YOU! <3