Spend a carbon-free night at the hostel! #GreenTravel

Thanks to Myclimate projects, stay at the hostel and help protect the planet!

Myclimate's goal: Offsetting CO2 emissions and being a partner in climate protection locally and globally. With their advice, training and carbon offset projects they want to prepare the future of our planet together with you.

How does it work?

This carbon compensation is organized in 3 simple steps:

  • Myclimate has calculated the compensation for a zero-carbon overnight stay in a youth hostel according to our CO2 emissions in 2019 (i.e. 0.25 €). 
  • You spend a night at the hostel and decide to add a little extra of 0.25€. 
  • The money is donated to a Myclimate project.

>> For only €0.25 extra, you can spend a carbon-free night in one of our hostels for the good of the planet!

How do I add this supplement?

  • By booking on our site: You just have to check the box "Offset the CO₂ generated by my stay through MYCLIMATE projects" when you book. 
  • Live (on site, by phone, by email): You just have to ask the hostel to add the Myclimate compensation to your total. 
  • By having booked via another platform (Booking, Hostelworld,...): You just have to ask for it during check-in. 

And, we DOUBLE this amount to invest in our sustainable projects!

Youth Hostels are committed to environmental protection! 

>> For every Zero Carbon night, we will also invest 0.25€ in our green projects. 

Here are two projects that we have already completed:

  • The ecological pond

We offer school groups staying at the Malmedy Youth Hostel the opportunity to take part in activities "discovering the fauna and flora of the region". It is a perfect place to make our public aware of environmental issues and to promote indigenous fauna and flora. They are guided by an animator who is trained in horticulture and as a nature guide. 

  • The solar panels

In order to be able to offer even greener stays, solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Malmedy and Liège Youth Hostel. 

Which Myclimate project?

Through high-quality projects, Myclimate makes a concrete contribution to measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide.

The projects cover a wide range of themes: 

  • Land management and forests, 
  • Biogas, Biomass, Water (sanitation & economy), 
  • Energy efficiency, Hydraulic power, Efficient ovens, 
  • Waste management and compost, 
  • Solar and Wind, thus contributing to the total SDOs (Sustainable Development Goals established by the members of the United Nations).

The project we support:

>> Your money will be reinvested in a project "Mangrove Restoration and Women's Empowerment"

The project involves the local population of a coastal region of Burma in the restoration of degraded mangrove ecosystems. The aim is to create healthy mangrove forests that retain carbon, protect people from natural disasters and conserve biodiversity by providing critical habitat for endangered species. At the same time, the project aims to diversify the livelihoods of local communities and improve their well-being.

This project supports 14 UN sustainable development goals!

Without this project, there would be a decrease in carbon stocks, loss of biodiversity, increased risk of natural disasters due to hurricanes!

To learn more, see: Mangrove restoration and women's empowerment

For more information, see https://www.myclimate.org/