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Blegny mine liège visiter


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More about it

"One of the 4 major mining sites of Wallonia recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site !"

  • Entrance via the authentic well 
  • Underground galleries of - 30 and - 60 metres 
  • Permanent exhibition about the coal's history 
  • Tour of the heap's biotope 
  • Restaurant 
  • Parking for cars and buses

Go down into the authentic underground galleries of a coal mine !

Discover the daily life of miners : put on a jacket and a helmet and put yourself in the miners' shoes by going down with the elevator to access the underground galleries! 

The noise of the machines, the darkness and the heat give an insight of the working conditions at the time... but don't worry everything is adapted so that you can have a confortable tour ! 

During the tour, the visitor will follow the circuit of the coal, from its extraction to its recovery ! 

The visitor will also have the opportunity to learn about the evolution of the industrial use of coal from the 12 century until 1992, the last recovery of coal in the province of Limburg. 

Finish this rewarding day by enjoying the trees tour around the heap ! 

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