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Why you should stay in our hostels!

  • Hicycle & Hiking Tours

  • It’s good for the environment

  • The staff are great

  • You meet great people

  • You get free Wi-Fi everywhere

  • It’s a great atmosphere

  • It’s all about sharing

  • You get to use the kitchen

  • It’s clean and safe

  • There’s lots to see and do

  • The location’s perfect

  • Members get a great deal

  • We’re a non-profit organisation

  • There’s only one thing left to do…

Ours tips.

  • Descent of the Hautes Fagnes by all-terrain scooter


  • Tree climbing in Malmedy



  • Introduction to archery and medieval fencing

    Bouillon Youth Hostel

    Bouillon séjour scolaire

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Our blog.

  • BIG GIVEAWAY #SleepForPeace 2021


    written by LAJ & HI

  • Hicycle & Hiking Tours


    written by Emilie

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